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International News

  • JBL Touring Systems Heard by 50,000 at GlobalGathering Freedom Festival

    FOH Staff | International News | July 17, 2009
    Pop singer Dima Bilan climbs on a truss in front of a JBL VERTEC VT4888DP-AN speaker array.
    MINSK, Belarus —JBL touring systems teamed with rental sound company Touring Services to supply an expansive audio system for the Global Gathering Freedom Festival at the Borovaya Airfield that included products from JBL’s VerTec DP Series and HLA Series loudspeaker lines. Read More...
  • Relentless Garage Runs on Turbosound System

    FOH Staff | International News | July 16, 2009
    Relentless Garage
    LONDON — Relentless Garage, the new incarnation of the iconic venue, The Garage, re-opened at the end of June after a three-year closure. The refurbished venue includes a substantial Turbosound loudspeaker system. Read More...
  • HK Audio at the Glastonbury Festival in England

    FOH Staff | International News | July 16, 2009
    Bruce Springsteen on the John Peel stage with GasLight Anthem
    GLASTONBURY, U.K. — With over 200,000 people on site and well over 100 stages and venues, the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts is one the highlights of Europe’s summer festival season.
  • Dispatches from “Down Range,” with the Yamaha LS9

    FOH Staff | International News | July 15, 2009

    Jon Bullock, right, with Frank Urtado, seated, in Fallujah, Iraq
    Submitted by Jon Bullock:


    I am one of the fortunate few sound guys that is also a musician and earns a living doing both.  I am also one of even fewer who get the honor to travel overseas entertaining our troops, which I have been doing since 2001. These tours have taken me, multiple times, to Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Germany, Belgium, Japan, Korea, Italy, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and a few of the other “-stan” countries.  

  • Rick Wakeman Marks Royal Anniversary with iLive Gear

    FOH Staff | International News | July 14, 2009
    Ian Barfoot at FOH, Hampton Court. Photo by Lee Wilkinson
    LONDON — Two Allen & Heath iLive digital mixing systems were used at FOH for a production by Rick Wakeman at Hampton Court Palace for two sold-out nights. There, Wakeman performed his 1973 album, The Six Wives of Henry VIII, to mark the 500th anniversary of Henry’s ascension to the throne.
  • D.A.S. Audio Aero 12A Arrives in Germany

    FOH Staff | International News | July 14, 2009
    MEISSEN, Germany — An outdoor event celebrating the 45th anniversary for Stern Combo Meissen, a group that has been a favorite in this porcelain-producing mecca since the 1970s, served as the first use for the Aero 12A system from D.A.S. Audio in Germany. Read More...
  • Renkus-Heinz Gear Helps Optimize 3D AV Installation in China

    FOH Staff | International News | July 14, 2009
    The LED canopy at Harmony Times Square
    SHANGHAI — The record-setting LED Skydome at Harmony Times Square in Suzhou Industrial Park is an impressive sight, with 20 million LEDs covering a 500-meter-by-32 meter canopy above shops and restaurants at street level. Read More...
  • Turbosound Aspect Cleans Up in Glastonbury’s Acoustic Tent

    FOH Staff | International News | July 14, 2009
    GLASTONBURY, U.K. — The artist lineup at the 2009 Glastonbury Festival was as esoteric as ever, particularly in the Acoustic Tent, equipped this year with a Turbosound Aspect rig. Read More...
  • CapaRezza’s Summer Tour Relies on Proel Gear

    FOH Staff | International News | July 14, 2009
    MILAN, Italy — With a stage name that means “curly hair” in Italy’s Apulian dialect and a recent album called Le Dimensioni del Mio Caos, the artist known as CapaRezza may revel in unruliness. To keep his sound in line for the thousands who turned out for his recent performance at Milan’s Indroscalo sports complex, however, GM Music once again used Proel’s Axiom and Edge systems.
  • DiGiCo SD7 And SD8 Tour with the Doves

    FOH Staff | International News | July 10, 2009LONDON — British indie rockers the Doves are currently on tour in support of Kingdom of Rust. FOH engineer Paul Ramsay specified a DiGiCo SD7 for the bigger venues in U.K. and Ireland and an SD8 for the smaller club venues in the U.S. Monitor engineer Ian Barton has been using an SD8 for the entire tour run. Read More...
  • Midas PRO6s Start Appearing at Glastonbury

    FOH Staff | International News | July 8, 2009
    Two Midas PRO6s and an H3000 at FOH, Jazz/World
    GLASTONBURY, U.K. — The less-than-a-year-old Midas PRO6 live audio system made its debut at the Glastonbury festival this year, joining the XL4 and Heritage systems already in use. Read More...
  • PJ Harvey Brings iLive-T Monitors on European Tour

    FOH Staff | International News | July 8, 2009
    PJ Harvey
    LONDON — British rock artist PJ Harvey and monitor engineer Ben Booker recently completed a European tour using Allen & Heath’s iLive-T digital mixing system. Read More...
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