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Yorkville Sound Dual-21 Synergy Series Subwoofer

FOH Staff • New Gear • January 10, 2020
Yorkville Sound’s Dual-21 Synergy Series Subwoofer

Yorkville Sound’s Dual-21 Synergy Series Subwoofer

Yorkville Sound, announces a new addition to the Synergy family: The Synergy SA221S. This powerful dual 21” subwoofer is the perfect low-end companion to the Synergy Array series, Yorkville’s largest and most powerful point-source system to date. The Synergy SA221S will premiere at the 2020 Winter NAMM Show at Yorkville’s showroom, 17206.

The Synergy Array Series grabbed the attention of the Pro Audio world at the 2019 Winter NAMM Loudspeaker Showcase. Featuring the SA153, a three- way active cabinet, along with the SA315S active subwoofer. Throughout the year, the Synergy series was employed at events from small clubs to large festivals and showed itself as the ultimate point-source speaker system, incorporating Tom Danley’s patented Paraline Lens and Synergy Horn technologies into a powerful and portable array.

Darren Butt, Yorkville Sound’s Pro Audio Specialist, spent much of 2019 hosting Synergy demonstrations across North America, wowing dealers, club-owners, and end-users with the system’s shockingly high output for its size and footprint. While the system proved nothing short of astonishing at every stop, the challenge was put forth: Could the system deliver higher output/deeper bass using the same no compromises and easy to use philosophy that the rest of the Synergy Series was designed around? With this feedback Darren approached Yorkville Sound’s engineering team. The result is the SA221S.

The Synergy SA221S contains two premium high excursion 21” neodymium woofers housed in a bass reflex enclosure. The cabinet can be orientated vertically or stacked horizontally depending on the set up requirements. Foot-holds allow the SA153 or SA315S to be easily stacked on top of the SA221S.

The SA221S can be used to supplement Synergy Series systems consisting of SA153 tops and SA315S subs. It extends the frequency response of the system down to 30 Hz with usable output to 25 Hz without sacrificing transient or musical definition. Alternately, the SA221S can be crossed over directly to the SA153 top.

The SA221S is voiced for all live and DJ music and really excels where high output and deep bass extension is a must.

The SA221S is powered by a standard 15-amp wall socket and boasts the maximum output possible with this amount of power. Todd Michael, Yorkville Sound’s Head Speaker Designer describes the SA221S as a “No compromise Subwoofer.” “We have used the best of everything for the Synergy SA221S: The best 21” woofer available, the best driver-specific amplification and optimized DSP settings. This is the best it can get today.”

Jeff Cowling, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Yorkville Sound shares insight to the new Synergy subwoofer: “Product Ideas can come from every direction – the end users, dealers, our rep force, and of course, our engineer’s visions. The Synergy Sub draws from all these sources. As a result, we have our most powerful sub perfectly inline with our Synergy Array System”

For more information about Yorkville Sound visit; NAMM Booth #17206.


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