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Worxaudio Technologies Upgrades to EASE Focus v2

FOH Staff • New Gear • November 6, 2010

WorxAudio Technologies has licensed its brand to EASE Focus v2. Bundled with all purchases of its TrueLine line array systems to assist customers with line array aiming and acoustic modeling, WorxAudio Technologies is among professional audio's first loudspeaker manufacturers to invest in the enhanced software.

Unlike the more basic EASE Focus v1, the new Version 2 is a three-dimensional, acoustic simulation application for the configuration and modeling of line array systems and of adjustable loudspeakers such as digitally steered columns, representing a step forward toward more realistic modeling of complex sound systems.


The Version 2 software features 3D modeling of direct sound-displayed in horizontal and vertical cutting planes with full balloon modeling, allowing the entire room/space to be modeled in 3D. Version 2 also provides support for EASE GLL files and data exchange with EASE and other AFMG software packages. Additional capabilities include the ability to incorporate multiple line array systems into a single project, display time and frequency response plots, and its simulation mode provides a virtual equalizer for tuning a line array.


EASE Focus v2 is available for download to existing WorxAudio customers.


For more information, please visit .


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