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Voice-Acoustic Vapato PA Tower

FOH Staff • New Gear • March 11, 2019

The Vapato PA tower from Germany-based Voice-Acoustic is designed with a discreet and gala-suitable appearance, a small footprint, a transport solution optimized for truck loading dimensions and quick assembly and dismantling.

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The load capacity indoors without dynamic load (solid ground, no wind) is up to 400 kg. Outdoor, the VAPATO can carry 300 kg up to a wind force of max. 15 m/sec with a max. wind attack area of 1.5 m². All parts are powder coated in black. No construction book is required due to the maximum height of 5 meters and the included stability certificate is sufficient. The mast can be erected by only one person by means of a detachable erecting aid and a generously dimensioned 900 kg Al-Ko hand winch. The deflection pulleys also permit the use of an electric chain motor, which can be attached to the bottom of the base. The prescribed securing of the load does not take place at the top of the tower, but comfortably at ground level. For this purpose, the steel cable of the secondary safety device is guided downwards via a second pair of deflection pulleys. The safety cable runs parallel behind the suspension cable and thus prevents the loudspeakers from twisting and can also be used for vertical alignment. The required minimum footprint is only 164 x 132 cm. The transport case has a footprint of 120 x 60 cm. The Voice-Acoustic PA-Tower is manufactured by the renowned company H.O.F Alutec. The VAPATO will be jointly presented at Prolight+Sound Messe Frankfurt and can be seen at Voice-Acoustic booth E76 in hall 8 and at H.O.F Alutec booth E49 in hall 12.

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