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Turbosound TCS Series

FOH Staff • New Gear • April 1, 2009

Turbosound’s TCS series is a range of 19 individual products for sound systems in a variety of venues, ranging from small clubs and bars to stadiums. The line incorporates acoustics technologies that are intended to help audio installers tailor the sound to each environment.


The Dendritic horn
The Dendritic waveguide is for multi-cabinet clusters and is a key feature for the TCS series’ two-way models. It helps ensure consistent frequency, phase and time response at the horn throat. The output from the compression driver exit is divided by two repeatedly to make sure that all the path lengths to the horn mouth are equal.

Converging Elliptical Waveguide
The Converging Elliptical Waveguide (CEW™) enhances dispersion from a small cabinet. The horn is shallow so that both high frequency and low frequency drivers can be physically aligned, and it is also wide to provide coverage over a large area.

Rotatable dispersion pattern
Rotatable waveguides allow the loudspeaker's coverage pattern to be adapted to the shape of the room or audience space. Waveguides for the TCS-122 and TCS-152 are available in three dispersion options: 90°h x 60°v, 90°h x 40°v and 60°h x 40°v.

Rigging options
These range from eyebolt suspension, wall and ceiling brackets; downfill brackets; and kits of inter-locking flyplates and couplers.
Except for the TCS-B218, the cabinet shapes are trapezoidal and double trapezoidal.

Choice of paint finish
Black or white paint finishes are standard. Custom colors and IP56 options are also available.

For more information on specific products in the line, please visit

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