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Soundcraft Vi Series Consoles Offer Wireless AKG Mic Monitoring

FOH Staff • New Gear • May 18, 2011

Soundcraft Vi Series consoles with VM2 (Vistonics Microphone Monitoring) offer users the ability to monitor the status of any Harman HiQnet-compatible AKG radio mic directly from the console surface.
VM2 provides real-time visual displays of battery life, RF status, mic muting and internal clipping directly on a channel strip on the Vistonics screen, helping users see a problem before they hear it, right there on the relevant channel – with expanded information available by touching the screen.


To configure the system, users simply plug in the mics and patch them to the related console channels. Users can identify the relevant mic receiver in the rack by pressing the Locate button, causing the receiver front panel display to flash.


VM2 will be available for all Soundcraft Vi Series consoles in V4.5 software, including Vi1, Vi2, Vi4 and Vi6. Compatible AKG Wireless mic systems are WMS 4000, WMS 4500 and DMS 700 (optional HUB 4000Q HiQnet Ethernet interface required).


For more information, please visit

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