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Sound Barrier SBLA45 Mini Line Array Cluster

FOH Staff • New Gear • December 2, 2019
The SBLA45 is offered in black and white versions

The SBLA45 is offered in black and white versions

The Sound Barrier SBLA45 is a compact, lightweight Variable Dispersion Speaker system that is ideal for a wide variety of venues and applications, including auditoriums, houses of worship, banquet halls, community centers, health clubs, ballrooms, dance halls and more, as well as portable applications. Each SBLA45 has four 5” woofers and four 1” neodymium HF drivers. While traditional full-range loudspeakers can provide good sound coverage, the design’s sound coverage can be difficult to control. The SBLA45 offers more control of the Sound Coverage with four easily adjustable dispersion angles — 60, 45, 30 and 15 degrees — that can be adjusted in just a matter of seconds.

No venue is exactly the same and a variety of venues pose serious problems for sound reinforcement. The SBLA45 does not have a problem with the comb filter and interference effects often encountered with other loudspeaker speaker designs. It can therefore produce high low-frequency output even when mounted on walls or ceilings. The SBLA45 is offered in black and white versions and a variety of mounting and fly hardware is available.

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