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QPC Fiber QGrip Breakout Kit

FOH Staff • New Gear • April 27, 2021
QPC Fiber QGrip

A 12-channel QGrip

The QGrip Breakout Kit from QPC is a ruggedized solution for terminating jacketed distribution or tactical cables (900 μm tight buffered fiber) with up to 24 ST, SC, LC or FC connectors. The QGrip has a machined aluminum body and the furcation legs are individual 3mm subunits in 36-inch standard lengths that are color-coded. Available in two to 24 channels (a 12-channel version is shown here), the QGrip can be customized with any standard connector and attached to the cable using a two-piece crimp system.

QPC has been a major player in the industry since 1999, and draws from decades of experience to help users choose appropriate solutions, often designing and manufacturing unique, application-specific, custom fiber optic connectors, assemblies and hardware to ensure customers are able to access the equipment they need.

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