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ProPlex FOH Friend

FOH Staff • New Gear • January 15, 2020
ProPlex FOH Friend

ProPlex FOH Friend

The ProPlex FOH Friend, a new and unique addition to TMB’s award-winning ProPlex Data Distribution product range, will be introduced at Winter NAMM 2020.

Designed by professionals, for professionals, the FOH Friend is an entirely new, unique device which resolves the following everyday issue frequently faced by media, lighting and audio programmers: During rehearsals, while busy programming to tracks saved on their laptops, programmers often need to switch over to the primary “live” feeds from the stage. Absent the FOH Friend, this requires unplugging and plugging of cables, with all the associated inconvenience and potential malfunctions. The FOH Friend elegantly solves this problem by allowing instant switching between two timecode and two audio sources! This durable, compact unit also features extra timecode outputs, plus independently adjustable headphone and audio outputs. A great help during programming and rehearsals, this one-of-a-kind device really is a Front of House Friend!

“The FOH Friend makes things simple,” says Jason Rudolph of Mobius Productions ( “I had the opportunity to use prototypes on major gigs and the benefits are immediately apparent. The timecode side of the unit is completely passive, so any power interruptions have no effect. On the audio side, there is a true powered headphone amp so that you can adjust the volume of your headphones separately from your timecode output. A separate volume control for another audio output on the back of the unit can be used to feed a monitor or recorder.”

Jason adds, “Truly flexible, the FOH Friend saves time – an increasingly precious commodity these days. This device is more than a friend, it’s an FOH BFF!”

TMB is the exclusive distributor worldwide for ProPlex Data Distribution:

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