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PreSonus PM-2 Condenser Mics

FOH Staff • New Gear • September 18, 2019

PreSonus is now shipping its small-diaphragm condenser mics suitable for general audio use and a wide variety of sound reinforcement applications. Offered as a stereo set of matched microphones (also usable individually) the new cardioid PM-2 models are an ideal choice for capturing acoustic instruments, drum overheads, stereo Leslie miking and more

Each PM-2 microphone has a half-inch (19 mm), gold-sputtered capsule housed in an ultra-light chassis, making it easier to perfectly position your mics without fighting gravity. The PM-2 set comes with a stereo bar for X/Y mic placement, and the two microphones can be used together or individually.

The PM-2 microphones are available now at PreSonus dealers at a street price of $129.95/pair, including stereo bar and separate clips for each mic.

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PreSonus PM-2 Condenser Mics

PreSonus PM-2 Condenser Mics



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