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Powersoft Adds I/O Signal Integrity Monitor Feature to Armonia Pro Audio Suite

FOH Staff • New Gear • May 24, 2011

Powersoft's version 2.1.707 upgrade of its Armonía Pro Audio Suite software includes the new I/O Signal Integrity Monitor feature. Armonía was designed to control all aspects of the amplifier/speaker audio chain to the audio engineer. The I/O Signal Integrity Monitor extends this control by providing information on input signal irregularities, providing one more tool for engineers setting up Powersoft K Series, M Series with DSP+ETH, Duecanali, Q Series and D Series amplifiers.
The I/O Signal Integrity Monitor notifies the engineer of any system irregularities due to a missing input signal or loudspeaker failure. The software enhancement was designed to work without complicated initial measurements, yielding accurate information by using a programmable pilot tone and trigger threshold. The I/O Signal Integrity Monitor will raise the alarm even if a single loudspeaker within a complex system dies, whether it is one of multiple lo-Z drivers wired in parallel or one of many in a hi-Z 70/100V line.


The I/O Signal Integrity Monitor feature joins other tools that are part of the Armonía Pro Audio Suite, including Powersoft's TruePower limiter, a Cross Power Limiter mode, Active DampingControl, and LiveImpedance. Armonía offers instant alerts on-screen, via e-mail and/or SMS, and provides for the logging of alerts and events.


The advanced grouping panel makes for easy management of complex systems, while offering sophisticated input EQ for individual channels and groups with multiple layers, various filter types and raised cosine implementation. Armonía works with standard network protocols (Ethernet or RS485), offering network setup with daisy-chaining and auto-addressing with Ethernet, and works with two simultaneous AES3 streams, equivalent to four audio channels over Cat-5e wiring. The system offers redundancy per ring architecture, a dedicated on-line support forum and programmable stand-by modes for lower power consumption.


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