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Pliant Technologies to Feature MicroCom Wireless Intercom System at AES 2019

FOH Staff • New Gear • October 8, 2019

Pliant Technologies noted that the company will be featuring its Microcom wireless intercom system at AES 2019, booth 846. The company will also showcase its CrewCom wireless intercom system and its updated series of SmartBoom Headsets and latest accessories.

More details from Pliant Technologies (

Pliant Technologies will showcase its newest wireless intercom system, MicroCom, at AES 2019 (Booth 846). MicroCom offers a simple and affordable digital wireless intercom solution for any budget. Available in 900MHz (where legal), MicroCom provides single channel, full-duplex, multi-user intercom for applications where high-quality audio, excellent range, and low-cost are essential. This compact, economical wireless intercom is ideal for a wide array of applications where a small, yet robust com system needs to be deployed.

MicroCom has the ability to have up to five full duplex users, as well as the advantage of adding unlimited listeners without the need for basestations, providing a great deal of flexibility. The system features small, water-resistant lightweight beltpacks and provides excellent sound quality and long-life battery operation, making MicroCom ideal for long-form events and productions. While intended for professional use, the system is very simple to set-up and easy-to-use, which is an added benefit for a facility or event that is working with less-technical staff and volunteers. Pliant’s MicroCom offers exceptional sound and range in comparison to other intercom systems at this price point, providing more features and enhanced performance to users with smaller budgets. In addition, MicroCom is compatible with a wide range of professional headsets. The SmartBoom series of Pliant headsets have now been expanded to include versions for use with MicroCom beltpacks.

“With MicroCom, Pliant can now provide an intercom solution for even the smallest wireless intercom requirements,” says Gary Rosen, Vice President of global sales for Pliant Technologies. “We always appreciate the opportunity to hear our customers’ feedback, and that’s exactly the input that leads us to offer a product like MicroCom. With this new intercom solution, we can serve the needs of customers who have been searching for an intercom with the features, quality, and price tag of MicroCom.”

At AES, Pliant will also be highlighting the latest firmware update for its CrewCom wireless intercom system, which includes numerous system improvements and the incorporation of new Oceania 900MHz models, as well as its newly enhanced SmartBoom series of headsets, offering improved audio quality and usability. In addition, its latest accessories will be on display including the new Drop-in Charger, which allows six Radio Packs (RPs) plus six additional batteries to charge in the same device; the new Fiber Hub for expanded system capabilities and a more efficient system deployment, and the FleXLR gender adapter that gives users the flexibility to connect headsets to devices with non-matching 4- and 5-pin XLRs.


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