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Pliant Technologies MicroCom XR

FOH Staff • New Gear • May 19, 2020

 Pliant Technologies releases its latest digital wireless intercom product, MicroCom XR, which offers a simple to operate and affordable intercom solution for a range of production applications where solid wireless performance is essential. Available in 900 MHz (where legal) and 2.4 GHz, MicroCom XR provides full-duplex, multi-user intercom with high-quality audio, excellent range, and a low-cost price point.

MicroCom XR is a robust two-channel intercom system that accommodates up to 10 full-duplex users and features a 15-hour (field-replaceable) battery life, extended range, and high-quality audio. The system can provide unlimited listeners in addition to full-duplex users, all without the need for a base station. Additionally, MicroCom XR features an easy to read OLED display, an optional 5-bay drop-in charger, optional wired interface, and is IP67-rated. The system’s small, water-resistant, lightweight beltpacks have been built to endure the wear and tear of everyday use as well as the extremes encountered in outdoor environments.

Additionally, MicroCom XR is designed with advanced RF technology and its firmware is designed specifically for broadcast and production use, making MicroCom XR an ideal solution for a range of professional applications. While intended for professional use, the system is very simple to set-up and easy-to-operate. MicroCom XR offers exceptional sound quality and range providing more features and performance to users with modest budgets. In addition, MicroCom systems are available with a wide range of professional headsets. The SmartBoom series of Pliant headsets has now been expanded to include versions for use with MicroCom beltpacks.

“MicroCom XR is the first intercom of this feature set to be available at this price point,” says Gary Rosen, Vice President of global sales for Pliant Technologies. “MicroCom XR provides a very solid, cost effective solution for a wide range of wireless intercom users. With this new addition to the MicroCom product line, we can now provide solutions for a larger variety of wireless intercom applications and budgets, and serve the needs of customers that have been looking for an intercom solution with the quality, features, and price point of MicroCom XR and MicroCom M.”

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