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Outline Announces Major New Firmware and Software Release for Newton

FOH Staff • New Gear • September 11, 2019

Outline’s Newton has a new firmware and software release release (v.95 firmware / v.1.9 software), available via the App Store.

More details from Outline (

It’s fair to say that the hottest product in global system processing for the last couple of years has been Outline’s extraordinary Newton, the world’s most advanced multi-source audio processor (

Newton has re-written the rulebook by combining digital signal synchronization, all-new filter technology, multi-format audio signal routing and standards conversion within a compact chassis and combining it with intuitive computer control platforms. So far, so good – but it’s about to get even better with this new release (v.95 firmware / v.1.9 software), available via the App Store.

The highlights include:

Smaart Integration

Smaart API integration

This new feature represents the quickest and easiest way for users to integrate Smaart measurement data into their Newton units and to plot it within the Outline Dashboard software environment. This new compatibility will provide a faster, simpler and more accurate method of system tuning for Smaart users.

“Outline has done an outstanding job of utilizing the Smaart API to integrate Smaart measurement data within the latest release of their Dashboard control software,” said Karen Anderson, CEO, Rational Acoustics. “This integration really highlights Outline’s commitment to providing their customers with powerful, forward-thinking professional audio tools and we are thrilled to see Newton/Dashboard added to the ever-growing list of Smaart API enabled products.”

Direct Transfer

Direct Transfer

While the Smaart API integration is dedicated to those environments in which Smaart is being used, the new ‘Direct Transfer’ feature provides an alternative way to send data to any third-party measurement software or system. Both pre and post-EQ measurements (related to the same channel’s DSP) are sampled and the resultant data can be used with independent measurement software or systems through the hardware outputs.

Group Overview

A new ‘Group Overview’ feature allows users to see how changes to parameters made on a group basis affect individual channels. Each channel can be a member of up to four separate groups simultaneously and this new feature provides detailed information to the operator in a very simple and intuitive view.

Dante failover implementation with a user-settable threshold

The operator can now choose between two different threshold sensibilities (High and Low) for Dante failover implementation.

Tablet mode

Tablet Mode

A new feature that provides an easy and intuitive way to interact with Outline Dashboard software through a VNC or TeamViewer using iPad or any tablet PC.

Where Can You See It?

Outline’s own Fernando Rey Mendez will be on stand D62 (CUK Audio) throughout PLASA London (Olympia, September 15-17) where he will be demonstrating Newton and all the cool new features.




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