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myMix System Expands with Digital Input Option

FOH Staff • New Gear • June 17, 2011

Movek's IEX16L-A 16-channel input expander offers two 8-channel digital inputs utilizing the common ADAT format, allowing 16 audio channels to be streamed in 24-bit, 48kHz into a myMix system. The IEX16L-A has an additional 16 analog line-level channel inputs which can be switched in blocks of eight, allowing the use of either 16 digital, 8 analog and 8 digital, or all 16 channels in analog. Since the number of myMix system devices is unlimited, one can set up 160 input signals using any combination of IEX16L-A or local myMix inputs.
As with the analog IEX-16L, pictured here, the IEX16L-A will be a 1U 19" rack mount unit, with 16 multi-color LEDS to indicate signal present and clip. In addition to the network port, it has a configuration port for the configuration and labeling of input channels as well as locking functionality. The IEX16L-A is scheduled to ship in August 2011.


IEX16L-A (analog line level inputs plus ADAT) MSRP $1,299; IEX-16L (analog line level inputs only) MSRP $999.


For more information, please visit

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