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Midas VeniceF

FOH Staff • New Gear • September 14, 2010

The Midas VeniceF, a new "digi-log" ultra-compact mixing console designed by Alex Cooper, comes complete with FireWire multi-channel digital audio interface, XL3 EQ and Propellerhead recording and processing trial software bundle.
The VeniceF is the first all-new Midas product to be unveiled following the Music Group's acquisition of Midas Klark Teknik. It features the full functionality and sound quality of the much-loved Midas XL3 EQ and filter section, Midas mic preamps, 100mm faders, increased channel and input count, a dual 7×2 matrix and a reorganized master section layout.


The VeniceF's 32×32 FireWire capability adds 32 channels of multitrack recording and playback (VeniceF 320) using any suitable FireWire-equipped computer, without the need for additional costly interfaces. This also offers the possibility of virtual soundchecking and allows third-party plug-ins to be run as channel inserts and third-party effects routed via aux sends and returns. Inputs, groups, auxes, matrixes and masters can be routed to the FireWire interface.


The software bundle includes a 60-day trial version of Propellerhead's Record software and a low latency Midas ASIO driver for PC and Mac. Record offers both multitrack record/edit/replay software and signal processing modules, including dynamics and reverbs which can be inserted into the VeniceF signal paths.


The new console adds to its predecessor, the Midas Venice, with its processing and multitrack capabilities, expanded functionality and the XL3 EQ. "VeniceF is the first professional analog live sound console to feature a multi-channel digital audio FireWire interface, and, as such, heralds the creation of a new genre of hybrid live audio consoles," said Midas and Klark Teknik brand development manager Richard Ferriday.


The VeniceF will begin shipping from Kidderminster, U.K. in October.


For more information, please visit

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