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Mackie SRT Series Pro Powered Loudspeakers

FOH Staff • New Gear • January 22, 2021
Mackie's SRT line includes three versatile sizes and a subwoofer option

Mackie’s SRT line includes three versatile sizes and a subwoofer option

Mackie announces its new line of SRT™ Professional Powered Loudspeakers, which includes three 1600W loudspeakers: SRT210 (10”), SRT212 (12”), and SRT215 (15’, along with an 18-inch 1,600W powered SR18S subwoofer. All models in the line boast complete wireless control via Mackie’s SRT Connect™ App.

All feature Mackie’s signature Built-Like-A-Tank™ construction, with rugged molded cabinets and tough steel grills; Advanced Impulse DSP™, input overload protection, and rock-solid wireless streaming and control.

Product Details

The 10” SRT210 includes a built-in four-channel mixer with Advanced Impulse DSP™, full-color display and wireless control of up to two SRT series loudspeakers via the SRT Connect app for iOS and Android. MAP is $499. The $599 12” SRT212 has all the perks of the SRT210, but is capable of 132 dB max SPLs; while the 15” SRT215 ($699) has a similar feature set, but bumps its max sound pressure level to 133dB. The $799 SR18S 18” 1600W Professional Powered Subwoofer has an adjustable crossover, versatile I/O, and unique voicing modes, 133 dB max output and a 33 Hz-200 Hz frequency response range.

For more info about Mackie’s new SRT Series, visit

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