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Lectrosonics M2C Active Antenna Combiner

FOH Staff • New Gear • April 30, 2019

Lectrosonics announces the M2C active antenna combiner. The M2C is an ideal match for its DCHT portable stereo unit and the Duet M2T dual stereo digital transmitters.

Up to eight transmitter sources can feed a single antenna to minimize cabling in multi-channel systems. The M2C inputs are well isolated to minimize crosstalk and IM (intermodulation) between RF channels. The overall architecture provides excellent RF performance with low power consumption and heat buildup. Front panel LED indicators display active status of RF inputs, and a USB port is provided for firmware updates.

“The M2C active antenna combiner is an excellent addition to any Duet IEM or IFB system” states Karl Winkler, VP of Sales & Service at Lectrosonics. “Since it was designed from the beginning to work with digital transmitters, signals through the M2C stay clean and intermodulation is kept to a minimum.”

The M2C is a 1RU, AC mains powered, fan-cooled unit with eight 50 Ohm BNC input ports and a single 50 Ohm BNC output port. The frequency range for the M2C is 470-614 MHz, and the unit accepts input sources up to 100 mW, while RF gain through the system is at unity.

MSRP for the M2C is $4,335 and the unit is available now.

For more info, go to

Lectrosonics MC2 Antenna Combiner

Lectrosonics MC2 Antenna Combiner


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