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Lab Gruppen PDX3000 Amplifier

FOH Staff • New Gear • October 15, 2019

KUNGSBACKA, Sweden – Lab Gruppen announced its PDX3000 amplifier on Oct. 15, 2019. The PDX3000 will be available for shipping in December 2019.

More details from Lab Gruppen (

The new Lab Gruppen PDX3000 amplifier delivers 2 X 1500W of Class D power and is designed to provide superb audio performance in both background and foreground sound systems. It is ideal for a wide variety of applications ranging from touring, live portable sound, restaurants and bars to houses of worship as well as other performance spaces.

The PDX3000 has a comprehensive DSP feature set for speaker processing and includes crossover, delay, an eight band parametric EQ, limiter and a two band dynamic EQ. Monitoring and control is provided through USB connection and PDX Controller Software as well as an intuitive front panel user interface.

This amplifier is equipped with balanced XLR and TRS input connectors with optimized sensitivities and professional SpeakOn* output connectors. Precise power management assures power output under all conditions whilst comprehensive circuit protection guards against short circuits, DC and Thermal overload. A front panel locking feature protects against accidental setting changes.

A rugged but lightweight rack mount chassis for maximum durability, temperature-controlled fans and preset library for quick setup are features designed for touring applications.

Sebastian Witkowski, Brand Innovation Leader for Lab Gruppen, said: “It feels great bringing this amplifier to our customers. Power at a good price point and an easy to use solution together with Turbosound, Tannoy and Midas. A great product for entry level touring applications and a great opportunity for Lab Gruppen to grow with

its customers!”

The PDX3000 will be accompanied by the 2 X 1000W PDX2000 amplifier in the near future. Lab Gruppen’s PDX Series is designed and engineered in Sweden and comes with a 10-year warranty.

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