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Sonitus Kicker 4.0 Kick Drum Muffler

FOH Staff • New Gear • December 16, 2020

The system mounts easily inside single- or double-headed kick drums and features two removable ports that can tune the damping effect.

Sonitus USA unveils the Kicker 4.0 bass drum muffler, which provides a tight, powerful kick drum sound by damping both the drum’s front and rear heads. Kicker 4.0 saves time in the studio or on stage by quickly getting that perfect kick tone.

More details from Sonitus USA (

Kicker 4.0 reveals the bass drum’s attack and soaks up muddy and annoying mid-frequencies. Its magic comes from a top-secret formulation of polyester foam and its uniquely engineered design. The result is sonic consistency and dynamics.

Kicker 4.0 also allows users to tune the damping via three removable foam tubes. It also features a center channel that’s sized precisely to accept a Shure Beta 91A microphone inside the kick drum. Alternatively, any traditional mic can be used via the optional Kicker Mic Stand. You get a powerful, focused sound with little or no mic EQ, saving hours in the studio and in sound checks.‍

If using a trigger to playback samples from your kick, Kicker 4.0 increases trigger accuracy while reducing false triggering due to bleed from other drums, rattles and amps.

Models are available to fit 18” to 24” diameter (and 14” to 20” deep) kick drums. Price is $59.95.

Optional Kicker Mic Stand

For those who either do not use a Shure Beta 91A boundary mic but would like to place a traditional microphone inside the bass drum (or use 2 mics), the Kicker mic stand is a simple fixed-height stand that perfectly fits into the sculpted channel in the Kicker drum muffler. The stand is universal for all any bass drum mic and comes with a 5/8″ male to 3/8″ female microphone thread adapter. Velcro™ for stay-put positioning is included. Unit price is $29.95


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