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Juice Goose iP 1520 Web Based Power Controller

FOH Staff • New Gear • June 14, 2011

Juice Goose's iP 1520 web-based power controller provides remote power control to six receptacles grouped into three individual Power Pods. Each of these Pods can be turned on and off individually from anywhere users can find web access.
Along with the on-board web server graphic interface, the power controller can be  remote controlled via Ethernet or RS232 connection to commercial or proprietary control systems.


The iP 1520 can also use third party programs to be scheduled to turn on and off at specific times. Also, its outlets can be sequenced on and off if required, or to reboot DSPs or other processor-based electronics, or to  save energy costs by scheduling electronic equipment to turn off when not in use.


Each of three lights on the front of the iP 1520 turn on to indicate which of the three Power Pods have been turned on. A fourth LED indicates active data network communications.


The iP 1520 provides AC line protection and filtration across hot, neutral and ground; reduces high frequency common and normal mode noise by up to 70 dB in a range up to 30 MHz; and features three levels of on and off control for fail safe operation in the event of a system or network malfunction.


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