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GeerFab Audio D.BOB (Digital BreakOut Box)

FOH Staff • New Gear • May 7, 2019

Fresh from a successful introduction at AXPONA (Audio Expo North America) 2019, the GeerFab Audio D.BOB Digital BreakOut Box will make its European debut at the High End 2019 show in Munich, Germany from May 9-12 at the Mytek Digital booth.

Finally, and for the first time legally, hi-res physical discs can be heard in full high-resolution glory with the use of an external digital-to-analog converter. The D.BOB extracts DSD 64 from SACDs and PCM up to 24-bit/192k Hz from Blu-ray Audio discs, via the HDMI datastream from a player/transport with HDMI out and outputs DSD 64 via the DoP (DSD over PCM) protocol and hi-res PCM through the rear panel S/PDIF coax and toslink optical outputs.

The entire process is fully HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) and copy protection compliant. Additional features include an HDMI pass-thru for player menu settings and other video uses, mini-USB port for firmware updates and a DC 12V input for battery power (AC to DC adapter included).

Units will be available for retail sale in July and dealer inquiries are welcome.

D.BOB (Digital BreakOut Box) from GeerFab Audio

D.BOB (Digital BreakOut Box) from GeerFab Audio

More info from GeerFab Audio,

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