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Future Sonics Atrio Special Edition (ASE)

FOH Staff • New Gear • November 6, 2010

Future Sonics' Atrio Special Edition (ASE) professional earphones, which are being introduced at Airport Wireless stores, are equipped with the company's proprietary studio-grade dynamic driver. The multi-driver and cross-over free ASEs provide full range audio for use on stage, in-studio, or with personal MP3 and multimedia pads and players.
Features include The Power of 1, Future Sonics' proprietary dynamic drivers; new MG7 transducer and TrueTimbre audio quality;  lightweight design with multiple in-ear sleeves;  a 18Hz – 20,000Hz response; and a sensitivity level of 112dB @ 30Hz, +/- 26 dB ambient noise rejection. The ASEs are available at Airport Wireless for $229.


For more information, please visit


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