Fulcrum Acoustic Supports EASE Focus 3

FOH Staff • New Gear • January 15, 2020

Fulcrum Acoustic announced that the company has significantly expanded its library of EASE Focus 3 loudspeaker modeling data beyond the FL283T line array loudspeaker.

More details from Fulcrum Acoustic (www.fulcrum-acoustic.com):

The company’s website now has GLL files for more than 50 point source loudspeakers, allowing designers to model comprehensive system solutions with a modest investment of time.

EASE Focus, created by AFMG, is a 3D acoustic simulator used by system designers to aid in optimizing loudspeaker selection, placement, and aiming. EASE Focus is free to users and can be downloaded at http://focus.afmg.eu

The GLL files are available for download on individual product webpages and on the EASE Data webpage from https://www.fulcrum-acoustic.com/support/ease-data/

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