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Dynacord Launches Sonicue Control App for iOS and V1.2.2 Software Release

FOH Staff • New Gear • August 31, 2021

Dynacord Sonicue Control app, pictured on an iPad

Dynacord has launched its Sonicue Control App for iOS along with a new Sonicue software release offering enhanced functionality. The Sonicue Control panel-viewer app lets end users monitor and control pre-assigned sound system parameters – now available for iOS devices. Sonicue release V1.2.2, meanwhile, supports the new Sonicue Control app for iOS and provides enhanced functionality and better device handling.

More details from Dynacord (

Dynacord has made new additions to the SONICUE sound system software ecosystem. The first sees the release of the SONICUE Control app for iOS devices and, in conjunction with this, the release of SONICUE V1.2.2 adds enhanced functionality to the solution.

SONICUE sound system software addresses the entire sound system and encapsulates Dynacord’s core design philosophies of simplicity, clarity and transparency. Its unique interactive design provides a clear and comprehensive system overview, making it quicker to set up, tune and operate sound systems with minimal effort.

SONICUE Control is a panel-viewer app that allows users to operate SONICUE control panels created using the SONICUE control panel designer. The app, which monitors and controls preassigned sound system parameters, is now available for mobile devices for free download from Apple’s App Store, enabling iPads and iPhones to be supported for the first time. The previous version of the SONICUE Control panel-viewer app was already available for desktop PCs and is running on the TPC-1 touch-panel controller.

With the panel designer, an integral part of SONICUE sound system software (version 1.2 and higher), system designers and engineers can create standalone control panel applications for end users that will run on the SONICUE Control app. The design of the user interfaces is customizable with different control functions and access-protected according to user type, such as system engineers, facility managers or service personnel in hospitality areas. Once connected to a compatible hardware device, such as the Dynacord MXE5 matrix mix engine, the operator is able to monitor and control all assigned functions.

In addition to fully supporting the new SONICUE Control app for iOS, the 1.2.2 software version improves the functionality of the SONCIUE panel designer with further control parameters, more design options and faster installation routines. The latest release also offers better device handling for the MXE5 matrix mix engine for IP address setting and configuration. Load-drive supervision for Dynacord IPX and C series amplifiers and a new service tool for the TPC-1 touch-panel controller round off the enhanced functionality of the software release.

SONICUE software is available as a free download from the Dynacord website. The SONICUE Control app for iOS devices is available for free download from the Apple App Store.




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