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DirectOut XBOX.SG and SG.IO

FOH Staff • New Gear • November 16, 2021

DirectOut unveiled EXBOX.SG and SG.IO, two new products supporting Waves’ SoundGrid. Waves’ audio networking technology joins Dante and RAVENNA within the list of audio network formats supported by the EXBOX and PRODIGY Series.

More details from DirectOut (

EXBOX.SG is a MADI / SoundGrid interface and it is the latest addition to DirectOut’s popular EXBOX Series: a compact yet powerful series of devices housed in 1/3 of a 19’’ frame.

The concept is straight and simple: 128 SoundGrid channels can be routed in blocks of 64 channels towards any of the three MADI ports of the device (coaxial BNC, optical SC and SFP). At the same time it also works the other way around: two MADI ports can be routed towards SoundGrid for conversion of another 128 channels.

EXBOX.SG can be powered by up to two external power-supplies as well as PoE (Power over Ethernet). Four network ports are linked to an internal switch and can be used to connect directly to redundant recording systems and plugin servers without the need of an additional switch.

SG.IO is a new module available for the PRODIGY Series offering extremely low latency transport of up to 128 audio channels. It comes also with the optional HD SRC technology, enabling asynchronous operation between the module and the PRODIGY mainframe.

EXBOX.SG and SG.IO are perfect connectivity tools for mixing in OB vans or live sound environments, for recording sessions as well as studio applications integrating numerous Waves and third-party plugins.


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