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Crest Audio E-Lite 1800 Amplifier

FOH Staff • New Gear • April 1, 2010

Crest Audio E-Lite Series amps are available in both DSP and non-DSP versions and are built on a class D design with a switch-mode power supply that reduces weight while increasing reliability, thermal efficiency and output power.
The E-Lite 1800 and E-Lite 1800 DSP offer 900 watts per channel and weigh less than 10 lbs. The Crest Audio E-Lite 1800 DSP features an onboard digital signal processor that hosts a suite of delays (0-120ms per channel), adjustable crossover, adjustable limiter, parametric EQ, HF driver EQ, four user preset storage locations, and stereo/mono operation with lockable security settings.

The front-panel LCD screen helps users to identify and assign presets. The USB port allows users to load presets and enables external setup and adjustment. The E-Lite DSP section also integrates Waves MaxxBass Bass Extension technology, which uses psychoacoustics to create harmonic overtones that give the perceived effect of adding low frequencies to the mix.

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