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CODA Audio N-APS and N-SUB

FOH Staff • New Gear • August 27, 2019

CODA Audio’s ultra-compact 2-way arrayable Point source N-APS is the smaller sibling of CODA Audio’s APS system. The company is also launching its compact N-SUB at upcoming trade events including PLASA in London Sept. 15-17.

More details from CODA Audio (

Where APS addressed the limitations of traditional point source systems by delivering unprecedented performance standards, to deliver a range of functions in small to medium sized venues, N-APS places new patented technology into an even smaller box to offer incredible power to weight ratio and flexibility. For smaller venues or corporate events where, for example, the geometry of a space might be considered to make coverage awkward, N-APS provides an unobtrusive, ultra small, yet phenomenally powerful solution.

Thanks to the application of new and ingenious patented technologies, including N-APS unique RDC Driver (Ring Diaphragm curved-wave-driver), Dynamic Air Cooling (DAC) and Instafit Magnetic Coupler, CODA Audio has once again introduced a ground-breaking product to the market that is sure to be a sound designer’s dream problem solver.

Complementing the launch of N-APS at PLASA, CODA Audio also introduces N-SUB, a compact 15” high output subwoofer that reaches as low as 30Hz. Like N-APS, N-SUB benefits from DAC which allows it to reach high SPLs whilst staying completely cool.

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