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Clear-Com Eclipse Version 5.2

FOH Staff • New Gear • November 23, 2010

Clear-Com Eclipse Version 5.2 uses Eclipse Configuration Software (ECS) with a simplified graphical user interface designed to ease configuration and management and result in faster and more efficient communications workflow.
Clear-Com also upgraded the ECS with features that automate the setup of intercom communications, reducing operator distraction and improving workflow as soon as users start using the Eclipse system.


Changes in ECS include auto-detection of matrices and networks, load or change pre-established configurations and auto-default to a factory configuration and ease of reconfiguration when Eclipse needs to be set up using a different IP address. Additionally, the new ECS includes on-screen assistance, which provides context-specific help.


Clear-Com has also developed a new IP-based Eclipse audio monitor card, LMC-64.  When installed into the Eclipse system frame, it enables Clear-Vu, real-time graphical meters, to display in the Production Maestro Pro, an add-on module that lets operators interact directly with Eclipse to quickly set up and manage live dynamic voice communications for small or large networked intercom systems.


"We are thrilled to offer this enhanced version of Eclipse that is much more simplified and easy-to-use," says Simon Browne, Senior Product Manager at Clear-Com. "The improvements in this release is another clear example of Clear-Com's continued investment and commitment to making the Eclipse product family a much better intercom system for customers with high communication workflow demands."


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