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B&C’s New Midrange Compression Drivers

FOH Staff • New Gear • October 18, 2019

B&C announces the DCM414 midrange compression driver, designed to advance the state of the art by building on the DNA of the DCX464 coaxial compression driver. The DCM414’s high temperature polymer ring radiator diaphragm covers 300 Hz – 6k Hz with a high 113.7 dB sensitivity. Its 100mm voice coil handles 220 watts thanks to an aluminum body optimized to remove heat. All this energy emerges from a 1.4” exit (or 2” exit DCM420) and the most compact form factor available.

Brand new materials and thousands of hours of modeling and testing result in lower lower distortion at higher SPLs. Eight and 16-ohm versions are offered

B&C’s New Midrange Compression Drivers

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