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Axiom CXL12A Stage Monitor

FOH Staff • New Gear • March 30, 2021

Axiom CXL12A Stage Monitor

The CXL12A is a coaxial stage monitor designed specifically for live sound, although the very compact, low-profile enclosure also makes it suitable for theatre and television applications. The combination of a high-performance coaxial transducer, a carefully designed cabinet, and powerful electronics provides very high SPL before feedback and excellent intelligibility even at very high power.

More details from Axiom Pro Audio (

The transducer’s coaxial design offers a very stable acoustical pattern in both the horizontal and vertical axes. The very compact, single magnet neodymium motor reduces the delay between the two sources, eliminating time and phase problems, and guarantees high performance with a consistent weight reduction.

The high frequency range is reproduced by a low-distortion compression driver equipped with a 1.7” aluminium voice coil and polyimide diaphragm. The custom designed horn provides a precise and controlled dispersion of 50° horizontal and 70° vertical, allowing an excellent performance at close listening distance and, at the same time, a consistent off-axis coverage.

The 12” woofer employed in the reproduction of the low frequency range is equipped with a 2.5” voice coil. Thanks to a special treatment process that makes the cone water repellent, the CXL12A is able to perform in adverse weather conditions and is therefore suitable for outdoor use.

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