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Audio-Technica MCB4 Antenna Combiner

FOH Staff • New Gear • April 1, 2010

The MCB4 simplifies a PM configuration by combining signals of up to four of A-T's M3 Wireless PM stereo transmitters onto a single antenna, reducing rack clutter.
A wide-band unit that operates over a nominal 470-865 MHz range, the MCB4 can be used with Audio-Technica M3 systems and many other wireless PM systems. The MCB4 provides one output and four isolated transmitter inputs. All RF connectors are BNC-type. Passive antennas may be used.

Four jacks on the rear panel (controlled by the unit's power switch) provide 12V DC (center positive) to power as many as four transmitters operating on 12 volts at up to 500 mA each.

Included with the unit are four DC cables appropriate for use with A-T's M3T stereo transmitter or similarly powered transmitters from other manufacturers. The 12-volt supplies for powering transmitters are short-circuit protected, and the unit features all-metal construction.

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