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Ashly Audio KLR Series Amplifiers

FOH Staff • New Gear • September 25, 2010

Ashly Audio's KLR Series combine efficiency, power, light weight and a competitive price. The two-channels KLR Series amps, which range from 1000 to 2000 watts per channel at two ohms, include the KLR-2000, KLR-3200, and KLR-4000.
They are designed to deliver power, performance and reliability into two, four or eight ohm loads in bridged, stereo, or parallel mono modes. Each unit offers a new Switch Mode Power Supply. The output topography of the KLR-2000 and KLR-3200 are Class-AB, whereas the KLR-4000 is a two-step Class-H design. The KLR Series amplifiers also provide output over-current protection, DC output protection, chassis internal temperature monitoring, inrush limiting, and a mains circuit breaker.


The front panel includes individual input attenuators, forced air inflow vents with removable dust filters, a power switch, and LEDs for power, signal, clip, and protection. The rear panel includes a three-position gain switch (1V, 32 dB or 26 dB sensitivity), a three-position mode switch (bridged, stereo, or parallel mono), a three-position high-pass filter switch (30 Hz, 50 Hz or off), a limiter switch (on/off), and air outflow vents. Inputs include balanced three-pin Euroblock and a combination XLR/ ¼-inch tip-ring-sleeve. Output connections are Neutrik Speakon. The power cord is permanently attached.


"Longtime Ashly users will recognize the KLR Series as the logical extension of our amplifier lineage, and new users will find value, performance, and reliability in the KLR Series that is unmatched by our competitors," said Dave Parse, CEO of Ashly Audio. "The feature set, which includes filtering and protection circuitry, is sufficiently broad to accommodate the varied needs of a diverse professional audio industry, while at the same time avoiding seldom-used bells and whistles."


MSRP pricing is as follows:

KLR-2000 – $720

KLR-3200 – $900

KLR-4000 – $1,440


For more information, please visit


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