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Alcons BQ211 Carbon Coned Subwoofer

FOH Staff • New Gear • October 26, 2010

Alcons Audio's BQ211 subwoofer, part of the upcoming LR24 mid-sized pro-ribbon line-array touring system, is a double-tuned, quarter-wave loaded subwoofer system designed for prolonged high impact SPL performance from a small footprint.
It features a large displacement 21" Neodymium transducer with an all-carbon fiber cone for high pressure loading and a force-ventilated 5.3" voice-coil. The latter is mounted in a vented triple-spider frame and features optimized low resistance impedance and a port-vented magnet structure to reduce power compression and prolong performance.


The internally-braced 15mm birch cabinet features double-tuned, high-pressure loading through a rounded 236mm/9.3-in diameter low-tuned bass-reflex vent and wide, high-tuned quarter wave tunnel. This is designed to optimize breathing at high SPLs while keeping total system weight to a minimum.


Finished with Alcons Durotect flexible and scratch-resistant coating, the BQ211 has slider feet on the bottom and sides, enabling the stacking of multiple units into vertical low frequency arrays.


The additional front-positioned NL4 connector caters for easy "reverse connection" in cardioid arrays, enabling controlled directional LF dispersion.


The BQ211 is powered and controlled by Alcons ALC series amplified loudspeaker controllers, whose SDP (Speaker Drive Processor) circuits offer BQ211-specific drive processing with response optimization, dedicated power and excursion protection, hybrid filtering and cardioid processing.


Also, the SIS (Signal Integrity Sensing) circuit compensates for the cable-length and connector resistance between the BQ211 and ALC with a damping factor of 10.000.


With a frequency response of 33Hz – 150Hz (+/- 3dB) and SPL that can be felt, the BQ211 promises to serve as a wideband subwoofer with high SPL performance down to the lowest frequencies – and it measures just 590 by 746 by 986mm (23.2 x 29.4 x 38.8-in.) and weighs 72kg/159lb.


Part of The Ribbon Network inventory – Alcons' global dry-hire network – the BQ211 promises a wide variety of uses and comes with a six-year limited warranty.


For more information, please visit and

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