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Top Tours of 2019 – 1: Ed Sheeran

FOH Staff • January 2020Showtime • January 12, 2020

Credit: Ralph Larmann/Meyer Sound

Tour: ÷ (Divide) Tour

Sound Co: Major Tom Audio


  • FOH/MON Engineer: Chris Marsh
  • Production Manager: Chris Marsh
  • System Engineer: Charlie Albin
  • Guitar Tech/Stage Manager: Trevor Dawkins
  • Chewie Tech: Dave White
  • P.A. Techs: Brian Thorene, Parker Vandeberg, Dave Poynter, Adam Wells



  • Console: DiGiCo SD7
  • Outboard/Processing: Avalon 737, Bricasti M7, Waves Maxx BCL, JoeCo BlackBox BBR64-MADI, Eventide Eclipse, API 2500, Meyer Sound Amie, Radial SW8
  • Main Speakers: Meyer Sound LEO (four arrays of 18 each)
  • Subs: 1100-LFC subs (42 — 2 flown arrays of 9 each, 2 end-fire arrays of 12 each on the ground)
  • Fills: Leopard (8), LINA (20), UPA-1P (2)
  • Delays: 56 MILO (4 delay towers)
  • Onstage Foldback: MJF-212A (2), 900-LFC (2)
  • Speaker Processing: Galileo Galaxy AES processors (2/system drive, 8/stage array processing, 4/delay processing); SIM3 audio analyzer, Compass LMBC (Low Mid Beam Control)


  • Console: DiGiCo SD7
  • Wireless System: Sennheiser 9000 Series (for guitars and on-stage mics)
  • Mics: Primary Vocals – Sennheiser 9000 Series w/MD9235 dynamic capsule. Secondary Mic – 9000 Series w/MMD 945 dynamic capsule (for loop-building). Guitars: Sennheiser 9000 Series

Tour Notes

Performing on his own, with nothing more than an acoustic guitar and a custom loop pedal, Ed Sheeran’s ÷ (“Divide”) Tour topped U2’s 360 as the top money-making tour of all time, setting records for both gross revenues ($776 million) and total attendance (8.8 million). The 258-show run included 14 tour legs from mid-March, 2017 to August 2019, scoring #4 (2017), #1 (2018) and #1 (2019) on Billboard’s year-end charts.

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