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Thrive Conference 2021

FOH Staff • August 2021 ShowtimeShowtime • August 5, 2021

Along with the two-day event in St. Louis on June 11-12 profiled here, another two-day Thrive event was set for in West Palm Beach, FL on July 16-17, 2021.

Sound CoDb Audio Systems


Faith Church Sunset Hills

St. Louis, MO



Production Manager: Marcos Machado

FOH Engineer: Marcos Machado

Systems Engineer: Garrett Callahan

System Techs: Jonathan Becker, Andre Quirino



Consoles: DiGiCo Quantum 255, DiGiCo SD10

Processing: L-Acoustics P1 AVB, Waves

Speakers: L-Acoustics Kara (2 x 9), SB13 (2 x 3), ARCS Focus (2 x 2), KS28 Subs (6), X8 (8), 5XT (8)

Amps: L-Acoustics LA12X, LA4X

Event Details:

The annual two-day women’s conferences held in St. Louis and West Palm Beach are hosted by Faith Church alongside ministries. They were created to empower women while helping participants find a closer relationship with God. Db Audio Systems also supported the events’ lighting and video needs.


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