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FOH Staff • December 2020Showtime • December 10, 2020

Photo by Andy Jones

Sound Co



The Diamond, Richmond, VA


  • FOH Engineer: Jeremy Smith
  • Monitor Engineer: Jim Reed
  • Systems Engineer: Carrol Miller
  • Production Manager: Jeremy Smith
  • Tour Manager: Eddie Oertel
  • Lighting Designer: Ryan Pervola
  • P.A. Tech: Brent Lacy/Lacy Sound


  • FOH Console: Midas M32 (band supplied)
  • Main P.A. Speakers: (16) JBL VerTec VT4888
  • Subwoofers: JBL VerTec
  • Drive Processing: Lake
  • Monitor Console: X32 rack (band supplied)
  • IEM Hardware: Sennheiser G3
  • Wireless Mics: Sennheiser with MMD 835 capsules

Event Details:

Those crazy scumdogs of the universe, shock-rockers Gwar, who first unleashed their brand of wild stage theatrics in the 1980s, performed two high-impact, sold-out, socially distanced drive-in shows on Oct. 10 at Richmond, VA’s The Diamond baseball park, with audio support from Richmond-based Backstage.

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