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Crawfish Music Festival

FOH Staff • August 2021 ShowtimeShowtime • August 5, 2021

The festival and cook-off included performances from Riley Green and Hardy.

Sound CoGulf South Productions


Mississippi Coast Coliseum

Biloxi, MS


FOH Engineer: Aaron Mohler

Monitor Engineer: Maxie Williams

Systems Engineer: Stephen Cochran

Production Manager: Daniel Lozada

System Techs: Kyle Simmons, Joel Londeree, Zach Ross



Console: Midas PRO2

Speakers: Main Hangs: RCF HDL50-4K (12 per side), Outfill Hangs: RCF HDL30a (12 per side), Front Fills: RCF HDL26a (8x), Subs: RCF SUB9006 (24x)

Processing: Lake LM44, RCF RDNet 4.0, XTA mx36

Power Distro: Motion Labs

Rigging: CM

Breakout/Snake Assemblies: Entertainment Metals


Console: Midas PRO2

Speakers:          RCF TT25CXA (12)

Processing: RCF RDnet 4.0

Mics: Shure

Event Details:

Along with Riley Green and Hardy, the 28th annual Crawfish Music Festival, held April 14-18, 2021, featured Cole Jones from Hurley, Frank Foster, Niko Moon, Jon Langston and Blackberry Smoke.


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