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Blue Öyster Cult

FOH Staff • November 2020Showtime • November 4, 2020

BÖC’s Buck Dharma shreds a lead line.

Sound Co

Paddle Out Productions


Cheshire Fairgrounds

Swanzey, NH


FOH Engineer: Steve La Cerra

Monitor Engineer: Kevin Young

Systems Engineer: Ryan Burhans

Tour Manager: Steve La Cerra

Stage/Backline Manager: Phil Castellano


FOH Console: Midas M32

Main Speakers: (12) Martin Audio WPM/side

Delay Hangs: Martin Audio W8LM

Amplifiers: (2) Martin Audio iKON

Monitor Console: Midas M32

IEMs: Lectrosonics Duet; Sennheiser em G4

Event Details:

New England Sound Company Paddle Out Productions supported “Drive-In Live,” a 16-week (July 12-Oct. 31) concert series featuring a variety of artists, including Blue Öyster Cult. It was held at the Cheshire Fairgrounds drive-in music venue — a huge, open 650-foot deep field with enough room for 425 cars parked in double-sized parking spaces.

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