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8: Paul McCartney

FOH Staff • January 2020Showtime • January 12, 2020

The 2018-2020 “Freshen Up” tour includes shows in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Photo: Steve Jennings

Tour: “Freshen Up” Tour

Sound Co: Clair Global


  • Production Manager: Mark Spring
  • FOH Engineer: Paul “Pab” Boothroyd
  • Monitor Engineer: John “Grubby” Callis
  • System Engineer: Randy Weinholtz
  • Monitor Systems Engineer: Paul “Swanny” Swan
  • RF Tech: Justin Robinson
  • Techs: Sean Baca, Michael Conner, Andrew Kastrinelis, Chris Fulton, James Higgins, Tom Ford
  • Tour Director: Barrie Marshall
  • Tour Manager: Phil Kazamias
  • Production Assistant: Mat Pepino
  • Production Coordinator: Diane Eichorst
  • Stage Manager: Scott Chase
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Gino Cardelli



  • Consoles: Avid S6L 32D (2)
  • Speakers: Clair Cohesion CO-12, P-2’s
  • Subwoofers: Clair CP-218’s
  • Amps: Lab.gruppen
  • Processing: dbx 160SL; TC Electronic 6000
  • Plug-ins: Sonnox Oxord EQ, Avid Pro compressor, Smack, ReVibe I & II, Mod Delay III


  • Consoles: Midas Heritage 3000 (2), Avid Venue S6L 24D
  • Speakers: Clair SRM wedges, ML-18 LF speakers, R4 Series III
  • Amps: Crown
  • Processing: xta GQ600b, Drawmer DS201, Yamaha SPX990
  • IEMs: Shure PSM 600 wireless
  • Mics: Shure Axient w/Beta 58A capsule, SM91, Beta 98, KSM32, Beta 58A; Audix D6, I5, D4; Telefunken M80; Rode NT3; DPA 4061; Avalon U5
  • Misc: Radial J48, PZ-DI
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