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5: Rolling Stones

FOH Staff • January 2020Showtime • January 12, 2020

The band grossed $117+ million from just 14 shows to make it in Billboard’s Top 10. Photo: MH Vogel/disguise

Tour: “No Filter” Tour

Sound Co: Clair Global


  • FOH Mixer: Dave Natale
  • Systems Engineers: Jo Ravitch, Jim Ragus
  • Monitor Mixer: Steve Carter
  • Monitor Systems Tech: Taylor Holden
  • ProTools Tech: Thomas Huntington
  • System Techs: Tyson Clark, Brent Edgerton, Dave Enderle, Falko Knueppel, Jon Brook, Trystan Forbes, Matt Woolley
  • Production Manager: Dale “Opie” Skjerseth


FOH System

  • Consoles: Yamaha PM4000; Avid Venue Profile
  • Speakers: Clair i-5 and i-5b (Main, side coverage, rear coverage arrays, P-2 (front fill)
  • Amps: Crown Macro-Tech
  • Processing: Aphex 612, dbx 903, Clair AlignArray software, Clair iO loudspeaker processors
  • Misc: Radial JX44, JR5, KL-8, Voco Loco

MON System

  • Consoles: Midas XL-4000; Avid Venue Profile
  • Speakers: Clair 12AM, R-4 Series III, i-5b subs
  • Amps: Lab.gruppen
  • IEMs: Shure PSM1000
  • Wireless: Shure UR Series
  • Processing: TC Electronic 1128; dbx 160a; SPL Transient Designer 4

Tour Notes:

After rocking Europe with show legs that ran from Sept. 9-Oct. 25, 2017 and May 17-July 8, 2018, the Stones brought their “No Filter” trek to the States in 2019, scoring the #5 spot on Billboard’s Top Tours chart with just 16 shows. While a fraction of the gigs staged by other top acts, the Stones pulled in more than 784,000 fans for the shows, which grossed a whopping $178 million for Billboard’s Nov. 1-Oct. 31 tally.


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