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Sports Facility Projects

Thomas S. Friedman • December 2019Installations • December 14, 2019

Sound System Upgrades Score Points with Fans

Sportsgoers have embraced the fan experience in a big way, and attendees are used to hearing music playbacks and play-by-play announcers with pristine clarity and intelligibility — all at rock ‘n’ roll levels, of course. Thankfully, the days of underpowered arena center clusters or stadiums ringed by paging horns mounted on 20-foot poles are long behind us. Meanwhile, versatility is essential, as facilities of all types look to maximize a venue’s ROI by supporting the multi-use concept. Here, the sound system must be flexible enough to handle tasks that change on a day-to-day basis, whether a graduation ceremony, music concert, championship tournament or monster truck rally. With that in mind, we decided to look at a number of recent audio upgrade projects — each of which met success by applying the right gear in the right situation.

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