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In-Ear Monitoring Systems

George Petersen • April 2019Buyer's Guide • April 5, 2019

Without a doubt, the single most visible (or perhaps un-visible) change on the live performance change has been the advent on in-ear monitoring. Suddenly performers have the freedom to move about the stage and not be concerned about losing their mix or risking venturing into areas that would cause feedback. Additionally, providing a workable wedge mix to a singer being lowered onto a stage by a wire is essentially impossible to achieve.

But even in the more normal day-to-day, bread and butter live sound operations that most of us encounter — whether in clubs or houses of worship — in-ear monitoring systems go a long way in simplifying the job of both the monitor and FOH engineer. Reduced levels of wedges and lowered sidefill bleed make for cleaner mixes and an improved audience experience. We checked out current crop IEM transmission systems and found a wide range of offerings in a variety of prices to fit any budget.

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