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Compact Powered P.A. Speakers

George Petersen • Buyer's GuideSeptember 2019 • September 11, 2019

Once upon a time, the field for point-source speakers for portable P.A. applications was dominated by two-way 12-inch and 15-inch systems. These were (and still are) an ideal solution for all sorts of general-purpose audio gigs, whether employed as main front of house P.A., turned horizontally and used as stage monitors, or as side fills — and of course, their ease of use and set-up made them perfect for rentals, weddings, fixed or portable house of worship needs, school graduations, city council meetings — and most other bread-and-butter assignments most sound companies deal with every day.

Over the years, transducer technology has improved. Today, there’s a new breed of powered, two-way 10-inch enclosures that can meet the challenge of most of these jobs — especially in smaller venues, or in larger spaces when combined with a subwoofer in a “speaker on a stick” configuration.

We decided to look at some offerings in 2-way, powered 10-inch systems and found a wide range of products to fit nearly any need or budget. Check ‘em out…

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