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Solotech Names Bob Brigham as GM for DeKalb, IL Office

by FOH Staff • in
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• Created: April 8, 2019
Solotech Names Bob Brigham as GM for DeKalb, IL Office

Solotech named Bob Brigham as GM for DeKalb, IL office

DEKALB, IL — Martin Tremblay, president and CEO of Solotech, announced the appointment of Bob Brigham as general manager of the company’s DeKalb office.

In recent years, Solotech has undergone significant international growth and has found that the addition of local general managers for Solotech’s offices best supports the vision and the business model of the company: Think Global, Act local. This new position will therefore allow the company to maintain the high level of operational efficiency on which Solotech built its success, while supporting its growth on a long-term basis.

Under the shared responsibility of Philip Giffard, President, Sales and Systems Integration Division, and Mickey Curbishley, President of the Live Productions Division (USA), Brigham is responsible for ensuring the efficiency of local operations and sales, encouraging seamless synergies between the Divisions and further developing the company’s business opportunities in the Chicago area.

Recognized for his expertise in video services and significant work on large-scale tours, including with the touring video production company Nocturne Productions where he acted as President until 2011, Brigham joined Solotech in 2017. Throughout his career, he has worked with multiple international artists such as Paul McCartney, The Eagles, Bon Jovi, The Who, Elton John, The Rolling Stones and Kiss.

“Mr. Brigham is a considerable asset for our company and we are delighted to be able to leverage his unmatched expertise in international Live Productions in the strategic area of Chicago”, said Tremblay.

The entire Solotech team wishes him a warm welcome and great success in his new role at the company

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