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Adamson & Seesound Welcome SBA as Latest Spanish E-Series Partner

by FOH Staff • in
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• Created: November 9, 2018
Megadeth on the main stage at Spain’s Resurrection Fest with Adamson E-Series audio system

MADRID – Adamson Systems Engineering and its Spanish distributor Seesound S.L recently welcomed SBA Radical Sound to the Adamson Network as the latest E-Series rental partner in Spain.

More details from Adamson Systems Engineering (www.adamsonsystems.com):

Adamson Systems Engineering and Seesound S.L., the company’s exclusive Spanish distributor, have welcomed SBA Radical Sound to the Adamson Network as the latest E-Series rental partner in Spain.

“We decided to invest in Adamson’s E-Series ahead of a very busy festival season,” begins SBA CEO Ramón Fernández. “We needed a system that sounds great, rigs easily, and will satisfy the rider requirements of the biggest touring acts, no questions asked. The E-Series checked every box, and having Adamson and Seesound behind us for support means we can confidently service even the most demanding applications.”

SBA Radical Sound’s new E-Series system is comprised of 24 E15 three-way, true line source enclosures along with a complement of 16 E219 subwoofers, and the company didn’t waste any time getting it out for some major events.

SBA Radical Sound, with support from COBRA sound light and ZL Production, supplied the main stage system for the first-ever O Son do Camino festival in Santiago de Compostela on the west coast of Spain. The festival presented headliners like The Killers, Martin Garrix, Lenny Kravitz, and Jamiroquai for a daily crowd of approximately 30,000 fans this summer.

That system was comprised of 18 E15s per side for the main arrays and eight E15s per side for the side arrays. The sub configuration featured 12 E219s per side arranged in two end-fire cardioid stacks of three, plus six E219s as centre subs in FBF cardioid mode. Six clusters of three compact S10 two-way, full range cabinets lined the lip of the stage for front fills.

Following the band’s headlining set, The Killers’ FOH engineer, Kenny Kaiser, said: “I am in love with this PA; my wife won’t be happy!”

Since then, SBA Radical Sound’s E-Series system has also been featured at high-profile events like Resurrection Fest in Viveiro, supporting major rock acts like KISS, Megadeth, and Scorpions on the main stage for a daily crowd of 30,000 fans.

SBA Radical Sound is a subsidiary of Grupo Area 51, a Madrid-based multimedia firm that, in addition to live event production, specializes in: AV installations; recording, mixing, and post-production; music composition; and sound design for a wide range of applications in Spain and throughout the European Union.

“SBA Radical Sound has a great reputation as a production technologies supplier for live events, and we’re very happy to be working closely with them as the latest Adamson E-Series partner in Spain,” comments Seesound Founder and President Nacho Alberdi. “We look forward to supporting SBA as they continue their impressive growth by providing major tours and festivals with state-of-the-art technologies and an experienced team of professionals for a one-of-a-kind live experience.”

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