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Rat Sound Systems, EAW Join in Licensing Partnership

by FOH Staff • in
  • News
• Created: September 17, 2007

OXNARD, CA — Rat Sound Systems Inc. has announced that it has awarded the licensing of the MicroWedge series of monitors and its family of products to EAW, who will be the new sole manufacturer and distributor of the MicroWedge.

The license agreement between the two entities calls for current products to be branded EAW MicroWedge, and will be fully supported by the resources of EAW.

Rat Sound Founder and President Dave Levine, creator of MicroWedge, will be working closely with the EAW Engineering Department on the development of new MicroWedge models as well as other EAW touring products.
Both Rat Sound Systems Inc. and Radian Audio will continue to support the existing products already in the field. The new extended fidelity, higher power, lighter weight EAW MicroWedge will have the same external dimensions as the previous design enabling both to be used on the same stage and in the same road cases. Additionally, Levine is working on an upgrade that allows older MicroWedges to be brought up to the new specifications.
Rat Sound is looking forward to the EAW partnership and expanding the existing line.

For information, please visit www.ratsound.com.

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