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Lionel Richie Tours Germany with Electro-Voice

by FOH Staff • in
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• Created: August 14, 2007

WIESBADEN, GERMANY — Five open-air concerts in Germany gave fans a chance to hear R&B legend Lionel Richie perform live this summer. Satis&Fy of Werne and an Electro-Voice X-Line system took care of the sound for the tour. 

The team of Rüdiger Nürnberg and Tobi handled the stage and system equipment. Equipped with EV’s X-Line, they said they were able to provide a balance of power and flexibility: "We took a total of 24 tops and 20 subs with us on tour driven by six amp racks charged with EV TG-7 amplifiers…the exact configuration for each show was determined by the demands of the venue," reports Nürnberg. In Wiesbaden's "Bowling Green,” attended by an audience of 9,500 on July 17th, nine Xvls and three Xvlt enclosures were deployed on each side of the stage, with eight Xsubs per side reinforcing the low frequencies.

System Engineer Tobi Hoff configured the system: "The routing between the console positions was the exclusive responsibility of NetMax, which also handled the synchronization of the main P,A, with the delays. All other processing duties were assumed by the TG-7 amps under the stage, though the IRIS-Net network ensured that I retained access at all times to all parameters and could therefore intervene as and when I wished, the communication between the amps and the NetMax being bi-directional.   

Kyle J. Hamilton, Front-of-House Engineer for Richie's "Coming Home" tour, was certainly convinced: "I am very satisfied with this system," he said, after the show in Wiesbaden. "The X-Line has a really impressive midrange, which ensures that the guitars and Lionel's vocals in particular come out clearly and at the right levels. Positioning them up-front in the mix therefore poses no problems."

The SPL readings during the sound check in Wiesbaden provoked an astonished reaction from Hamilton: "While the system engineers were adjusting the P.A., we were walking round the venue together measuring the level. I couldn't believe it when I noticed that the level over the entire distance of around 50 metres from stage to FOH never varied by more than 1 to 2 dB. I thought the measurements must be erroneous, but no: that was in fact the case!"


For further information, please visit www.electrovoice.com.

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