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Rayli Festival Organizers Choose EAW Loudspeakers and Subs

by FOH Staff • in
  • International News
• Created: May 5, 2009

YUNNAN, China — The inaugural Rayli International Jewelry and Culture Festival, which was held late last year on the Rayli Riverbank Square, a performance venue in the Yunnan region of China, could be heard by as many as 12,000 attendees, some from across the river in neighboring Myanmar, thanks in part to EAW loudspeakers and subs.

The Hunan Tian Yin Art Performance Company selected the KF750 high output array loudspeaker and the BH760 bent horn subwoofer. The crew flew 24 KF750s were flown, with 12 on each side of the stage in four layers of three speakers, for long throw and mid-distance throw. Each side of the stage also had six BH760s — 12 total — with two additional KF750s stacked on each side.

The festival featured an elaborate opening ceremony headed by the area’s International Jewelry Committee and the “Happy China Travel” cast. The ceremony focused on the Yunnan people’s minority culture and the strong ties of friendship the area shares with Myanmar.

“EAW provided the perfect sound for this event,” said Davwinder Sheena, EAW director of international Sales, Asia/Pacific Rim. “All involved were quite pleased. It demonstrated to everyone’s ears what real sound is.”

For more information, please visit www.eaw.com.

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