Audio Inc. Supports Saratoga Jazz Festival with Yamaha Consoles

by Naomi Crews
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David Rosenspire, FOH engineer for Jazz 100 featuring Danilo Perez, used a Yamaha PM10 console.
David Rosenspire, FOH engineer for Jazz 100 featuring Danilo Perez, used a Yamaha PM10 console.

SARATOGA, NY - To support the audio needs of the 40th Annual Freihofer's Saratoga Jazz Festival, held at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) on June 24 and 25, Audio Inc. of Roselle Park, NJ supplied a Yamaha Rivage PM10 digital audio console for the main stage and two Yamaha M7CLs for the Gazebo stage. Pictured here is David Rosenspire, FOH engineer for Jazz 100 featuring Danilo Perez, with a Yamaha PM10.

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Fans of good jazz music attended one of the most popular jazz festivals in the New York area at one of the most anticipated events of the summer. Over 20 world-class jazz artists took to the stage at SPAC this year, with performances continuing all day at the amphitheatre Main stage as well as the Gazebo stage (reserved for up-and-coming jazz artists). From Chaka Kahn and Dee Dee Bridgewater to the Gipsy Kings and Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles, there was music for everyone.

Audio Incorporated of Roselle Park, NJ has provided audio for the festival for ten years at both the Main and Gazebo stages, which this year included a Yamaha RIVAGE PM10 Digital Audio Console for the Main stage and two Yamaha M7CLs for the Gazebo stage.

“It’s so interesting to get feedback from the various artist engineers when they stand behind a console they have had very little time on or have never used before, states Mike Sinclair, VP/Owner, Audio Incorporated. The PM10 is one mighty top-of-the-line console with all the bells and whistles that Yamaha and Rupert Neve Designs could imagine for the flagship board. The console represents the first time Rupert Neve Designs has attempted to design effects for a digital console that closely represent the analog sounds they are so famous for, primarily with the addition of transformer emulation and SILK processing. SILK enables engineers to choose between two different kinds of pre-amp emulation: Blue for more percussive and power and Red for smoothness and voice sparkle. Either choice comes with a control to adjust the amount of texture you want at the input. Nothing else on the market sounds like this and represents the heart and soul of the RIVAGE mixing experience.”

Some of the Main stage acts included the Dave Stryker Quartet, front of house mix by Mike Sinclair; Jean-Luc Ponty: The Atlantic Years, front of house engineer Glenn Kern (Bosco); Jazz100 featuring Danilo Perez, mixed by David Rosenspire; Dee Dee Bridgewater mixed by Sinclair, all using the Yamaha PM10.

“I like the Yamaha PM10 transformer and SILK, says David Rosenspire FOH engineer for Jazz100 featuring Danilo Perez. It adds depth and definition, and the console is easy to use because of the familiar Yamaha layout.”

Gazebo stage acts included the Dave Stryker Quartet and Blind Boy Paxton, Adam O'Farrill Quartet, Aruan Ortiz Trio, all mixed by Frank Egan of Audio Inc. and the Gypsy Kings, mixed by Jerome Favrot Maes and John Nave, who brought in a Yamaha CL5 for their current tour. "I love the Yamaha CL5 because I can find a console anywhere in the world, said Jerome Favrot Maes, FOH engineer for the Gypsy Kings. It always works and sounds great!"

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